Patient Testimonials

  • I have been going to Zionsville Physical Therapy for over ten years. This time for weakness in my legs causing me to fall. At this point, I see a lot of improvement in both legs. I think ZPT is doing a very good job with me on helping with my balance also.

  • Pelvic PT has provided continued fundamental knowledge of appropriate techniques to strengthen my pelvic floor. I feel motivated and encouraged by my progress over the last several weeks. I intend to continue these exercises throughout pregnancy and maintain health and strength as well as possible.

  • Before coming to ZPT, I had¬†trouble walking, running, going up and down stairs, and standing for long periods. After six weeks of PT, I can do all of those activities pain free!

  • Very pleasant. I had a sharp pain in my right shoulder when I was in the upright position all the time. I no longer have any pain!

  • Before PT, I was unable to run very well, climb up and down the stairs, or move my ankle in ways that it moved before. After PT, I can do just about everything I could before I broke my tibia/fibula. Not only does my ankle feel better, but I was treated with excellent care and everyone was friendly and accommodating.

  • My experience at ZPT was great. I found it easy to make an appointment and the staff very friendly and professional. I am a Hairstylist and was experiencing extreme pain in my elbow. Physical Therapy helped restore my muscle strength and ease the pain. I was at the point I could not open doors, cook, or dry my hair. Thank you ZPT!

  • When Dick first started, it was for fractured Clavicle. With the exercises that Katie has been doing with Dick, with each he has had less pain and is now able to dress himself. Physical Therapy has really made a big difference. He really enjoys his home exercise program that Katie has set up for him. As a result, there is NO pain and his balance has improved 70%!

  • Enjoyed working with April. I feel like I have better range of motion and exercises to help keep me stronger and more flexible. Everyone here was pleasant and professional.

  • I am able to do so much more – do them longer and with no pain. I have learned to push myself. I do not feel so ‘old’ and unable to do normal activities.

  • After all my hard work with Elaine after full knee replacements, I was able to sit in my car and bend my knee after several years of being straight.

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