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Patient Testimonials

  • I needed a lot of physical therapy after my knee replacement. Marissa, Katie, Taylor, and Amanda all worked closely with me through my time here. They were extremely helpful and a great cheering section as my goal was met.

  • I have right hip mobility and pain problems that were impacting the length of time I could work pain free with adequate mobility, I have a garden design and education company. My work is often very physical. I need to maintain good flexibility and strength to be effective at my work. Elaine helped me with exercises, flexibility moves, and pain relief to address the weaker muscles, and the lack of flexibility in my right hip. I had 12 weeks of appointments and now have increased knowledge of body mechanics and movements that will hopefully allow me to continue my high level of physical activity pain free.

  • Deterioration from rheumatoid arthritis “froze” my shoulder and even basic daily activities (like washing and fixing my hair) were impossible.  It was not a rotator cuff tear, but a complete “loss” of rotator cuff was the diagnosis.  No surgery could improve it, so I decided to give ZPT a try.  (I had heard good reports about ZPT through the years, so they were my choice.)  I can’t say enough about my experience here.  Katie and Taylor were my primary ZPT therapy team members, and they were awesome!  I went from wincing to lift my right arm up to my chest….to being able to raise my arm above my head.  The daily activities I had struggled with are now “automatic” – my body just does them!  I can’t thank ZPT enough!  They have given me part of my life back!  

  • “Incredible!

    I returned to ZPT with high hopes, and the team delivered incredible care– again! My goals were to resume daily activities at work and home without limitations and without pain– back to baseline! It is so easy to work with ZPT, and it was pleasant to arrive and be taken care of by talented staff that are always available and willing to help. Thank you all– especially Marissa– but also Katie, Katia, Taylor and the rest of the staff.”

  • I have been going to Zionsville Physical Therapy for over ten years. This time for weakness in my legs causing me to fall. At this point, I see a lot of improvement in both legs. I think ZPT is doing a very good job with me on helping with my balance also.

  • Pelvic PT has provided continued fundamental knowledge of appropriate techniques to strengthen my pelvic floor. I feel motivated and encouraged by my progress over the last several weeks. I intend to continue these exercises throughout pregnancy and maintain health and strength as well as possible.

  • Before coming to ZPT, I had trouble walking, running, going up and down stairs, and standing for long periods. After six weeks of PT, I can do all of those activities pain free!

  • Very pleasant. I had a sharp pain in my right shoulder when I was in the upright position all the time. I no longer have any pain!

  • Before PT, I was unable to run very well, climb up and down the stairs, or move my ankle in ways that it moved before. After PT, I can do just about everything I could before I broke my tibia/fibula. Not only does my ankle feel better, but I was treated with excellent care and everyone was friendly and accommodating.

  • My experience at ZPT was great. I found it easy to make an appointment and the staff very friendly and professional. I am a Hairstylist and was experiencing extreme pain in my elbow. Physical Therapy helped restore my muscle strength and ease the pain. I was at the point I could not open doors, cook, or dry my hair. Thank you ZPT!